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These will be the 5 trends in digital business for 2017

Digital marketing is a business modality that has been lately implemented by corporations to achieve greater visibility among their potential customers, in addition to creating greater intimacy with their customers, which increases the competitive advantages of the company.

According to technology consultant, Unisys, technology trends force companies to master digital services and strengthen their business practices.

Acceleration of digital rhythm

According to Unisys, the pace of innovation will reduce distances between governments and corporations. As an example, the areas of financial services, which have the function of withdrawing money without any contact or Blockchain operations, which is a record of digital transactions.

Evolution of value chains to value networks

By 2017, industries will change business by creating technological solutions where physical assets are not required, so that they will transform linear value chains into multidimensional value networks.

Disruptive Technologies

For the consultant, new technologies will be key elements in the digital experience, such as table-stakes, enhancers of digital experience, automation technologies, weareables, augmented reality applications, among others.

Domain of digital services

Digital services will be the key to differentiate between organizations and competitors, which must be personalized in their design. Among the techniques to dominate the sector stand out Agile, DevOps, Infrastructure-to-Service, intelligent automation. The goal will be to accelerate the company’s development, streamline services.

Manage Innovation

For Unisys, excess technology needs a “where to act” and “how to scale,” where companies will be able to provide more connectivity resources and execution processes so the strategy can help guide innovation. It points to robots as managers of other technologies.