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Moving Furniture Casas del Molinar gives way to twelve luxury homes A couple of weeks ago this fateful sign was posted:

“Total liquidation for transfer”, in Muebles Casas, one of the most popular businesses of the Molinar, and that in March will move to the street Alfons el Magnànim. A German real estate agent has placed two signs of considerable size in front of the open shop on 1 January 1961. It reads: “12 unique houses with parking, swimming pool and garden”.
Among the neighborhood, the usual resignation in recent times in which foreign investors, mostly Nordic, German and Swiss, have larger pockets than the local.

“It was coming,” says Antonia Amengual. “We are getting the Molinar,” said the owner of the Video and Lottery business that has lived closely the movement that has been in Muebles Casa. “I know very badly that they leave because it is a store of all the life of the neighborhood”, indicated this neighbor of the Molinar.

The strength of foreign investors in houses, lots and local fishermen’s neighborhood has raised prices. Only the rich promoters can access prices “very expensive”, said by the manager of real estate portal Real Estate Molinar. “Every day we receive more than a hundred calls, almost all are foreigners, they want to buy, it’s very expensive.” Prices do not fall below 300,000 euros for a small apartment, but the average offer reaches one million euros for just over one hundred square meters.

“The march of Muebles Casas is the loss of an iconic establishment of the Molinar.We are worried about the sale of this lot, which will become luxury flats, because it brings the cost of the neighborhood. More modest economy, and it costs them to stay in an increasingly expensive neighborhood, “said Toni Amengual, president of the neighborhood association Vogar i Ciar.
“For years we have remained as a focus of resistance to speculation as if we were a village of Asterix, and in the end our conservationist has gone against us. Beauty is tempting,” he added.

In the Molinar and Portixol there are more and more blondes. In each street there are two Nordic families. Not all live, some only spend part of the year, the summer months, mostly. “They come with money and it’s very tempting for some to sell. I think we have to unite, not to avoid speculation but we have to make pineapples and not sell one more house,” adds Amengual.