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Lawyers questioned use of DNU to reform ART

Constitutionalist and labor lawyers questioned the use of the Decree on Necessity and Urgency (DNU) by President Mauricio Macri, after the decree amending the law on Occupational Risk Insurers (ART) was published on Monday in the Official Gazette ), Considering in this case that it is “unconstitutional” and that there are no “exceptional circumstances” that justify it.

Daniel Sabsay, a constitutional lawyer, said in statements to that “the first thing that says the Constitution is that you can only issue an DNU when in exceptional circumstances it is impossible to follow the ordinary procedures provided by it.”

And in that sense, he added: “The Constitution is setting limits and I think it is clear that these exceptional circumstances do not occur. Not only that, but less could happen in a matter that already has a congressional sanction.”