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Keys to choosing the best hosting and web domain for your business

Web domains play a key role in the possible success of online businesses, which rely heavily on search engine rankings and the fact that they are easy to remember among customers.

In the same way, web hosting – or hosting – is key to supporting the traffic volume of the page in case the level of Internet sales increases, for example.

Experts in Internet and digital marketing develop a brand strategy around the domains, which causes some of these ‘names’ for webs to reach very high prices. This is the case of ‘’, which sold for $ 26,600, or ‘’, which became the most expensive domain in 2016 when sold for $ 375,000.

Domain registration is very important and, therefore, a number of criteria have to be assessed. To begin with, it should be easy to understand: everyone should be able to write the web after listening to the name (either in a television ad or in a bar conversation), so pay attention to pronunciation and avoid Confusions

In this sense, it is also important that the name is short, avoiding the numbers and scripts, as they can lead to confusion and can suffer penalties from Google when positioning them. Likewise, it is advisable to target a specific geographical area and choose the most appropriate extension depending on the country (such as ‘.es’ in the case of Spain).

You also have to pay attention to legal issues. If there is a trademark with the same name as your domain you could be infringing the rights of said mark, so it is better to carry out some checks before proceeding to registration – a quick search on the website of the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office (SPTO) can be very helpful.

Once we have the domain chosen, try searching for a web hosting service and email. We can also change hosting if we have one hired. A good option is ANW, which also has a promotional code (WELCOME), which offers a 10 percent discount. This company has a service designed for professionals, without restrictions on the use of space or limits on the number of mails stored, among other characteristics.