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History of the chaquira and its influence in the culture. TECHNICAL HUICHOL

La Chaquira is a decorative element already well known and observed in MEXICO, it is very common to find bracelets, necklaces or rings made with these beads, however, we know very little of its origin and the traditions it has forged. Different hypotheses indicate that the Chaquira comes from Europe, probably from India and as a result of the various incursions to the American continent, this element was gradually introduced in different cultures.

In Mexico the acquisition of the chaquira is of great importance because of the cultural importance it had for certain indigenous groups, especially for the Huicholes, who contribute significantly in their clothing and other handicrafts. This group adopted the ornament of the chaquira in the middle of the seventeenth century and incorporated it to the realization of their embroidery, fabrics and sculptures. The methods of application of the chaquira vary according to the region where we work, however, we can find some coincidences. They are usually observed in jewelry, but are also common in bags and clothing.