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Fashion Fulsers

Fashion Fulsers

Formerly the beads were totally handmade, at present, still there are. One can create his own beads with special, spectacular techniques. From a very young age I connect with the colors and I always like to sew, in search of waves and new experiences, the art of the beads came to my life. It was special. The shops full of beads hung by colors, I caught the degrades, shines, litmus, sizes, etc. I remember that a friend showed me works with beads and that’s how she taught me and I managed to make a small handle to be happy. Days later a friend’s girlfriend taught me the basic weaving technique with super thin needles and special yarn to weave those precious little beads. I present a little box with a needle, celestial beads and a little thread.


How to make beautiful fashion bracelets

8 reasons to make handicrafts with mostacilla
The beads look like children’s things but they are not, the adults should practice them too. It is about dedicating yourself to an active and productive task, unlike watching television, which brings numerous benefits. Among them we will highlight eight:
• We strengthen our capacity for concentration and attention. With so many stimuli to which we are constantly exposed it is difficult for us to maintain our concentration and this can negatively affect our lives, both work and personal. So we are interested in strengthening this capacity for concentration.
• It is the antidote to stress. It allows us to relax during the moment we are doing the craft and more.
• It is a great source of satisfaction. It allows us to reinforce our self-esteem by completing a job.
• Helps express and share feelings. Through the crafts we communicate as much or more than with words.
• It promotes the development of mental activity as we face a challenge whenever we choose to do a craft.
• Encourages social relationships, even if we do not practice in groups, the subject of crafts can facilitate relationships with other people who practice them.
• Encourages learning. Whoever practices a craft tends to look for more information about new materials, techniques, sources of inspiration …
There are many crafts that we can do. Here I will mention just a few of them to start with the list that you can expand:
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