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The world of COLOMBIAN handicrafts is full of colors

The world of COLOMBIAN handicrafts is full of colors, threads and patterns that give life to unique pieces that, besides being part of ancestral traditions, we as artisans do them and obtain a recognition and income.
For more than 15 years, this new product has brought my life to revolutionize the world of handicrafts and in a way inspire the industry of handicrafts in our COLOMBIA.
Although this work material is imported from several places (such as the Czech Republic, Taiwan and China) it is the Czech-made mostacilla which is recognized as the highest quality and – although more expensive – Artisans use today.

Recently, there has been a boom in interest in these small embellishments. In COLOMBIA, the departments of the south, such as Nariño and Putumayo, are recognized as one of the largest suppliers of mostacilla products. Several women’s organizations have adopted this business that allows them to have a fixed income. In addition, it allows them to use their creativity and knowledge of fabrics to be easily incorporated into the world of fashion as the textiles, jewelry and decorative pieces that use the beads are in trend.

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