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10 business trends for 2017

Overcoming the first half of 2017, we are already immersed in a new year that will bring us new challenges for businesses and businesses. For this year, it is expected that a series of business trends will be fulfilled that will mark the activity of the markets and sectors.

Driven increasingly towards a digital world, this will be the characteristic transversal to all new business trends. We compiled a list with the most important ones:
People to People

Focus on people or P2P (people to people). In this world, companies will gain an advantage over the rest by focusing on technology for people. In this way, both customers and employees will get better results.
Artificial intelligence

More and more connected devices have chatbots that cater to customers and solve their needs. In addition, we are increasingly going to create products that develop emotional intelligence, which will allow us to offer a much more complete customer experience.
Telecommuting and mentoring

These are trends in business that carry on the talk throughout 2016, but it will be in 2017 when it starts to start. The existence of multiple mobile devices and connectivity make professional mobility a value for companies.
The Internet of Things

Connected houses or standalone vehicles are just a few examples. The products and services that the companies offer to the market will have to continue with their digital transformation and adapt to the needs that require this type of advances.
Industry 4.0

This leads us to industry 4.0. The factories are already beginning to be connected and have intelligent robots – such as Amazon kiva – or with technologies such as 3D printing. All this will make jobs more specialized in the future.

Virtual and augmented reality

Although in 2016 we have seen some brushstrokes of what may be – in fields such as architecture, video games or automotive – in 2017 we will see this technology applied to many other sectors.

2016 has closed the year with the rise of fintech, but during 2017 will continue to develop. Banks see the path marked by this technology irreversible and are beginning to market services with these characteristics. An example of this is Bizum.
The connection between customers

The platforms of so-called collaborative economies have exploded in 2016. Trends in business that have emerged thanks to platforms such as Blablacar or Airbnb, opening the way for many other proposals. Now customers can become suppliers and be connected to each other.

The consolidation of mCommerce in front of eCommerce. In 2017 about 50% of Internet sales will be mCommerce. This trend has led Google to reward those websites that are programmed from a mobile version. This is known as the ‘mobile-first’, since Internet access through mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets is already superior to that of computers.
The beacons and geolocation

The beacons are small devices with bluetooth technology. These devices will be placed inside the stores and they will be able to recognize a user or client, know how he behaves, what he has bought or make him a personalized offer.